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The visit of the Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade, Mr. Fatemi Amin and his accompanying delegation, to Maz Commercial Automobile Manufacturing

First electric truck of MAZ

Minsk Automobile Factory presents its first electric truck at the 23rd Minsk International Technology and Innovation Exhibition. The gross weight of the car is 12.5 tons, the load carrying capacity is 5700 kg, the minimum power is 70 kW with liquid cooling and the maximum speed is 85 km per hour. The cabin of this truck is designed for 3 persons.

Visit of Dr. Moghimi, CEO of Iran Khodro and Dr. Pezeshkian Member of Parliment and accompanying delegation from Azhitechs Automotive group

Tehran Mayor's report on the capacity of bus production in Tabriz

The Mayor of Tehran said: "Tabriz's industrial complex has a very high capacity to produce buses and other equipment for urban management." Pirouz Hanakhi, saying that we visited Tabriz for a two-day visit in order to get acquainted with the national production capacities of several factories producing bus and heavy vehicles required for urban management. In Tabriz, the capacity and capacity to produce the required equipment for urban management There is. This situation demonstrates the ability of Tabriz manufacturers and, thankfully, the field of cooperation is also available. The mayor of Tehran stated: heavy cars, electric buses, urban gas buses are among the most important needs of all the metropolises of the country that we can supply in Tabriz. "It is not supposed that this collection will only meet the needs of the municipality of Tehran, and any city that is interested can use the capacity of the complex, which currently only has 30% of it," he said.

Visit of the Governor of East Azarbaijan and Managing Director of Small Workshops and Industrial Towns of Iran from Azhitechs

Visit of deputy of the governorate of eastern Azerbaijan from Azhitechs booth on the second day of the 22nd international automobile exhibition of Tabriz

Azhitechs in 22nd International Automobile Industry and Spare Parts exhibition

Visit of the governor of East Azarbaijan from Azhitechs

The governor of East Azerbaijan visited the head of the Industrial and Economic Committee of the province in the framework of the Group on Facilitation and Removal of Barriers to Production from the Azheitex Automotive Group in the High-Nasab City.

Conference on modernization of the fleet of road transport, urbanization and employment with participation of the president of the Azhitechs group

Discussion of President of Iran with president of Azhitechs automotive group

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Mr. Shahin Baher, the mayor of Tabriz, attends the Azhitechs Automotive Group booth

On the first day of the eighth conference and exhibition of the ideal city of Kish

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Participation of Azhitechs in 15th International Exhibition of Public Transport and Urban Services

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Visit of Dr. Ghanati, General director of Automobile and Driving Force from Azhitechs booth

Second international automobile fair of Tehran

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Visit of Deputy Minister of Industry, Mining and Trading from Azhitechs booth

Opening of Second international automobile fair of Tehran

   خودروسازی آذهایتکس

Azhitechs in Second international automobile fair of Tehran

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Openning of 10th International Exhibition of Road Construction, Railways, Mining, Construction, Diesel, Parts and Related Industries

Visit of deputy of mining affairs of Isfahan

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Presence of Azhitechs at the 10th International Exhibition of Road Construction, Railways, Mining, Construction, Diesel, Parts and Related Industries

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Report of 21th fair in Tabriz

In this fair, the rewards of the Azhitechs 2nd Photography contest is presented.

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17 th vehicle fair

Azhitechs is looking to see you all.

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Opening ceremony of Azhitechs low floor CNG urban bus production line

The production line of Azhitechs new CNG bus is opened by Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission for International Affairs and National Security of Belarus. The manufacturered buses is produced based on the latest european technology - euro 6 - with mercedes benz engine and almost zero emmission under MAZ license for the first time in Iran. Azhitechs  CNG Bus

Visit of Mr. Ghalibaf from Azhitechs CNG Bus

Mr. Ghalibaf, Mayor of Tehran metropolis has been visited Azhitechs new CNG bus. Azhitechs  CNG Bus

Deputy interior ministry has visited Azhitechs new CNG Bus

During the exhibition of City Logistics Abilities, Mr. Khandan, deputy interior ministry, has visited Azhitechs new CNG Bus. Azhitechs  CNG Bus

The opening of the twentieth international exhibition of automotive industry and spare parts of Iran – Tabriz

The twentieth international exhibition of automotive industry and spare parts will be held in Tabriz. The Azhitechs Automotive group welcome the visitors with respect.

The opening of the international exhibition of automobiles, parts, related industries of Urmia

International exhibition of automobiles, parts and related industries of Urmia attended by more than 110 domestic and foreign competent international fairground will be held in Urmia. Visiting hours of the exhibition is from 17 till 23.

The Azhitechs Automotive group achieved the highest customer satisfaction level.

The recent report that Standard & Quality Inspection Company of Iran has published about the after-sale service for commercial vehicles has tested the 17 commercial vehicles suppliers and 306 authorized dealers for commercial vehicles. The Azhitechs automotive group which is a Maz brand representative received 76 score of customer satisfaction among the Supplier companies of commercial vehicles.

The azhitechs automotive group attend the XVI International Auto Show of Mashhad

The Azhitechs automotive group participated in the XVI International Auto Show of Mashhad. Looking forward to meeting you at the fair.

The general governor of east Azerbaijan has visited the Azhitechs automotive group.

The general governor of East Azerbaijan visited the Azhitechs Automotive Group.

Visit of managers of selected agencies of Azhitechs from MAZ main factory

The travel sales managers, production and after-sales service and after-sales service were also top agency managers of truck production line Maze, Maze Branch after-sales service and after-sales service center Mercedes visited. Also at the meeting held after the lecture at the Maze Maze and Zhaytks Director statuette and plaque awarded prizes from top dealers after sales service was appreciated.

Participation of Azhitechs in 13th exhibition of public transportation

Azhitechs will participate in the 13th exhibition of public transportation and public service for four days.